What does that mean for a computer: RAM?

What is its real work on a computer?

Now let see more information about it :

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RAM Definition:

It is an acronym for Random Access Memory, which is the primary storage device of your PC. Although all your software applications are installed and stored on your hard drive, each one of them needs to make use of the RAM when it is being used.

RAM, or random-access-memory, is a type of data storage that allows files to be written and read at short notice, no matter what order individual entries are being accessed in. Alternate forms of data storage like hard drives and disks can’t match this speed as a result of their physical and mechanical limitations.


That open area or unused space on the hard drive is used as virtual memory by your computer, if you have limited free disk space for data swapping your computer will become sluggish and slow to respond to commands, so keep your hard drive clean and remove or uninstall any programs or files that you don’t need and you will see a marked difference in the way your computer performs.

About memory modules

In all that time you were surfing the net and downloading programs installing, and uninstalling software is that in all that time junk has been building up on your hard drive, temporary internet files, software that you tried but did not like, but never bothered to uninstall, emails from friends and family, that are sitting in your inbox and sent items.

To find out what kind of memory modules you already have installed on your PC (and need to purchase), choose:

  1. Start
  2. All Programs
  3. Accessories
  4. System Tools
  5. System Information

In summary

It’s actually pretty hard to run out of memory on a PC. If you have more things open then the amount of RAM installed then some of the least used stuff gets swapped out to the hard drive to something called a page file. Assuming and hoping that your laptop’s memory has not yet been maxed out, you can quite easily install a laptop RAM module that will appreciatively give you more speed and improved performance.

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